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Google Site Migration or Redesign

A Quick, Affordable, Hands-off Solution to the Problem Google has Created!

In an ever-evolving digital landscape, Google's recent announcement to shut down websites created with business profiles has left many businesses at risk of losing their online presence. This pivotal shift underscores the critical need for a reliable, future-proof online platform. 

At ROI On Tap, we specialize in expert website migration and redesign services designed to seamlessly transition your business to a secure, vibrant online presence. Our tailored solutions ensure your website not only meets current standards but sets you apart in the digital marketplace. 

If you are somehow out of the loop, you can read it from Google here:

As such we offer the following services as a solution:

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Google Business Site Migration

With our Google Website Migration service, our team of web design experts will recover all possible information and images from your Google Business website that went away, and migrate this data over to Google Sites keeping the same look and feel as the original site.

  • The new site is still hosted for free on Google.
  • The new site is designed to look as close as possible to the original (some buttons such as the "Quote" button will not migrate over).
  • The turnaround time to migrate the site typically takes a day depending on the current backlog of customers.
  • Ownership of all site files is transferred upon payment and migration.

Google Business Site Redesign

With our Google Business Site Redesign, our design experts take all the pertinent information and images from the previous Google site and design an entirely up-to-date, fresh, fast, mobile-friendly website that we host on our professional web platform.

  • Includes a total of 5 pages (Home, Menu/Events, Privacy Policy, Term of Service, and a Contact page.)
  • SSL Secure
  • Designed with mobile top of mind.
  • Extremely fast page loading speed.
  • Google Reviews are included and update dynamically as they are posted.
  • Includes legal policy pages to keep your site compliant.
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Google Business Site Migration Examples

(Click on the Images Below to See a Live Version)

Before Migration (Original has already redirected)
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After Migration (New)
Service Image 2

Google Business Site Redesign Examples

(Click on the Images Below to See a Live Version)

Before Site Redesign (Original has already redirected)
Service Image 1
After Site Redesign (New)
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Take Control of Your Digital Future Now!

Don't let Google's changes leave you behind. Elevate your online presence with our expert website migration and redesign services. Secure, enhance, and future-proof your business website today!